November Updates

12/02/2015 23:04

For the first time since 2011, Thanksgiving weekend, traditionally a major production time for GK Productions, was active and productive for AMPCorp as a whole. GK Productions completed production on its main film project for the year, "In the Balance." Production for that film began in April, with studio scenes filmed with Charlotte Ferris, Robyn Moore, Ben Carpenter and Peter Groff. Production then moved on location in Europe, featuring scenes in Rome, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Brussels. One November 27th, Philip Krieg, who is featured in an action scene and as a supporting character in the movie, filmed his scenes as well, with production wrapping up on November 28th with a few remaining shots with Ferris. "In the Balance," an Eclipse Picture in the style of last year's "Recommendation: Termination" and heir to the Agent 07 films' legacy, is produced by Martin Groff, Philip Krieg, and Peter Groff -- the same producers of the Philip Krieg franchise. It will be released December 24th, Christmas Eve, and is the largest film project for the year at AMPCorp -- as well as the second largers project, after "The Charlotte Ferris Show."

Speaking of "The Charlotte Ferris Show," Season VII, which also started production in April, had been continuing production slowly through the fall. Nathan Carter filmed his scenes for Matt in the recently, as well as Luke Richert, who will appear as a new character for this final season of D-Dowd Productions' flagship sitcom. November 28th was a major production day on the show's main set, completing most of the season's first five episodes. Season VII, the series finale, will be both funny and hilarious, with seven episodes building up to the eighth, which will be the show's special series finale. Production is expected to conclude during the first week of January.

In December, look for promotional pictures and a trailer for the new season, as well as new corporate-wide logos at AMPCorp, and a 2015 Show Reel. With these big releases coming up, be sure to stay tuned to our YouTube channel, amppro5!