One Day After the Release of "Gone Rogue"

09/02/2011 23:43

Philip Krieg: "Gone Rogue" was release yesterday, September 1st. We're very proud of this film and worked very hard on it, and are pleased with the great feedback we've gotten! Thank you everyone who has watched it so far! Check it out if you haven't!

The film is approxametely 35 minutes long, and features our best action sequence, most suspenseful cliffhanger, most unpredictable plot, and most assorted settings yet! "Dead or Alive," our next film, will be out in January. We will begin work on it in November. Though for that film we won't have as many locations available, we hope to have a still better plot, and some more characters, including the return of Miss Monet, whom you saw in "Meeting with Destiny."

Keep checking back for more information as it comes in on this, and all our other projects!