Philip Krieg: "Black Abyss" Goes into Production

05/31/2012 17:02

On May 28th, "Black Abyss" officially went into production with the filming and completion of Scene 17, entitled "I'm Coming with You." The scene featured a discussion between Agent 07 (Philip Krieg), Seventeen (Martin Groff), Miss Pennypacker (Sarah Sensinger) and Miss Torri, played by new-to-AMPCorp actress Sara Eliason. Eliason hopes to add "some romance [and] a fresh face" to the Philip Krieg franchise. "I think that they are nice, fun, and action packed. They're creative, I like them," she says about the films.

"Black Abyss" features the first entirely self-contained plot for a Philip Krieg film. The first fifteen films in the series were organized into three five-film story-arcs, with the previous two (sixteenth and seventeenth) films as partners in a two-part storyline. "Black Abyss," the eighteenth film, will have no direct sequels and is totally unrelated to any enemy plot that Philip has ever previously encountered.

On the side of the antagonists, the film stars Peter Groff as Ernhert, sort of a henchman to Moorington (played by Matt Sensinger), the mastermind behind the plot. "It's exciting to be challenged with a dynamic such as that," Sensinger says. "It's easy, I think, to be the good guy because everyone wants to root for you, but to be the mastermind, it takes some extra talent to get into that role."

The film also stars Charlotte Ferris as Ruth Less, Ernhert's partner in Moorington's scheme. "The character sounds great!" Ferris says, "It will be interesting to play something a little more serious."

Linda Baldassano will play Miss Monet in one scene of the film. Her appearance was actually filmed during production of "Dead or Alive." Tom Smith, who will be returning in the role of Forty-Two, has also already filmed his appearances for several scenes throughout the film. "It was great to return as 42 for this movie... I tried to give him a lazy, laid back feel," says Tom Smith. "I'm glad we got a little more of his back story."

The script includes 22 scenes, most of which will be filmed between a yet-to-be-determined mid-June production date, and a final production date of July 8th. Likely production will be done by the end of the 8th, aside from perhaps some finishing touches that will be put into the film before its July 20th release date.

On May 28th as production began, Sarah Sensinger announced that this would be her last film in which she will have heavy involvement. She will continue to support the films and is very excited for the direction they have been taking. "We have continued to make each film better than the previous film, and I look forward to continuing our path to success," she says. "I'm most excited for interacting with the other actors and actresses."  To keep the character Miss Pennypacker alive for a few films at least, several scenes will be filmed with Sensinger on the July 8th production date for placement in future films, much like the Miss Monet scene for "Black Abyss" was coordinated.

GK Productions has already released one teaser trailer. There will be more teasers to come, and more exciting trailers as well, before the film is released. "Black Abyss" is looking to be an ambitious, but feasible and rewarding project.