Philip Krieg: "Gone Rogue" Locations Scouted

07/10/2011 23:37

Over the weekend, the location where the next Philip Krieg Film, "Gone Rogue" will be filmed, was scouted. Places were assigned to the scenes in the script, which is now in late editing stages.

Some locations have not been scouted but are nevertheless planned. Filming will commence in August at one of the Groff's family farms, in a relatively secluded wilderness area. Expect to see scenes taking place in various barns and houses (some of which appeared in AMP Production's "What a Witch" series) and in the back woods, where shots for Beat's Myth's most recent music videos were filmed.

Seventeen's office will undergo some slight remodeling for this film, but will be in the same location. Miss Pennypacker's office may be in a different location; this setting has not yet been finalized.