Philip Krieg: "Gone Rogue" Production has Begun!

08/16/2011 21:35

We have just released the first trailer for "Gone Rogue," the ambitious new Philip Krieg film, onto YouTube.

Over the weekend, starting on Friday with the scenes in Seventeen's office and the credit sequence, production commenced. Saturday saw the filming of some dialogue scenes, while Sunday was devoted to another dialogue and also a night time scene. The four-wheeler/Jeep chase, our most ambitious sequence, was filmed on Monday.

We will be taking a break on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but will finish production this coming Friday, the 19th of August, with the scenes in Miss Pennypacker's office and two other smaller action sequences.

Looking at what we have so far, we are extremely excited and optimisitc about the projected outcome of this film, scheduled to be released September 1st. We think that our ambitious choreography, unusual plot, and varied locations will make this into the best Philip Krieg film so far!

Look at our photo gallary to see some promotional pictures for the film!