PK.21.2019 - Agent 07 is Back!

12/08/2018 11:25

GK Productions and producers Philip Krieg, Martin Groff, and Peter Groff, are excited to announce that Philip Krieg, agent 07 for the Secret Service, will be back in action for a totally new short film in 2019.

Agent 07 has been gone from the "silver screen" since 2013's "Shadows of the Past," the film in which Krieg faced the ghosts of his memory and narrowly escaped death and retirement from the Secret Service. As productions had gotten more complicated and availability of actors more difficult, production had simply gotten too tricky to continue. Since then, GK Productions has focused its energies on stand-alone action/thriller short films in the Eclipse Pictures subdivision, including "Recommendation: Termination" (2014), "In the Balance" (2015), "Means to an End" (2016), "Slides" (2017), and "Safe House" (2018). The independent format of these short projects allowed for stories to be developed based on availability of actors, locations, and time on a case-by-case basis. Philip Krieg Pictures, meanwhile, had overseen the re-release of its first fifteen Agent 07 films into three separate stand-alone feature films, "Against All Odds" (2015), "Wages of Sin" (2016), and "Tangents and Parallels" (2018). The recently announced "Agent Framed," a planned re-edit of "Gone Rogue" (2011) and "Dead or Alive" (2012), will likely be put on hold until another slow period for new material.

The producers at GK Productions had discussed a new Agent 07 film off and on for the last several years, but the form that project would take had remained nebulous. Meeting on November 23rd, Martin Groff and Philip Krieg discussed some preliminary ideas Groff had been working on and fleshed out the storyline further. The new Philip Krieg Picture was officially green-lighted November 24th when Peter Groff approved of the ideas they had come up with. The new Agent 07 project is currently listed under the working title "PK21," which of course will be updated as pre-production continues.

A preliminary script has already been written and runs relatively short in comparison to the most recent Agent 07 films, but is packed with action and an interesting, suspenseful storyline nonetheless. "PK21" in many ways returns back to the basic format of early projects, such as the Broakart Corporation films of 2005-2007, in length, casting, and locations; it will likely run about 10-15 minutes, feature only Krieg and the Groffs in acting roles, and be tied to one main location. With that said, it goes beyond more recent films in character development and writing.

As currently scripted, "PK21" takes place six years after the events of "Shadows of the Past," with some major changes happening in Agent 07's life in between, and impending major changes to his MI7 branch of the Secret Service that spark the new storyline. "PK21" will serve primarily to introduce these new tensions; although the producers have developed a storyline complex enough for a five-film story arc, they plan to make this project relatively self-contained. Potential sequels will be decided based on how well production and post-production go for this project. Given the difficulty the producers have found some years in getting together to create new projects, there also remains the possibility that the storyline could continue after several years without a new film. Certainly, the producers have decided to put quality and inspiration ahead of quantity.

It may be appropriate to characterize "PK21" as a reboot in a sense, because it will make some major story and production changes from the direction the films had been heading up to 2013. However, it will rely on the same continuity of the first 20 films (which the re-edits have only slightly modified) and unlike the 21st James Bond film, continues in the same chronological progression. The "Legends Universe," a creation of Tom Smith to unify the continuity of several YouTube action franchises, will be taken into consideration for this film. There is currently scripted a significant continuity crossover with Fox Way Studios' and Legends Universe's Jack Stone franchise (itself inspired in part by Agent 07), but this may be re-evaluated after the release of the newest Jack Stone film based on events within it.

Production is currently planned to be started and completed in mid-March 2019, with an early summer release likely. Some promotional pictures have already been taken, but in the spirit of early Philip Krieg Pictures, the majority of all content will be created in one production weekend. Stay tuned for more updates, teasers, and sneak-peeks as development continues. And remember, Philip Krieg Will Always Return.