Summer Projects and More

06/12/2014 17:44

///AMP Productions

AMPCorp kicked off summer with a new series from AMP Productions, "Around the World: In Three Minutes." Short episodes exploring the sites and history of a world city will be released every Sunday until the end of June. This Schoolhouse Cinema Picture will act as a replacement for "The AMP Variety Show" which was cancelled last year, although the two are very different. 

A third and final Robert First film is in pre-production at AMP Productions. The franchise has been moved from KG Pictures to SG International Pictures, and if everything goes as planned, will star a German guest actress and be released late this summer. The film as planned now will be considerably different from the first two Robert First films, and will be called "First in Action." KG Pictures will now focus on a new series more in line with its former whimsical "What a Witch" project, called "The Cats of North Road."


|||GK Productions

Meanwhile, GK Productions has concluded production on "Recommendation: Termination," and is awaiting the soundtrack which is being composed by Otto Nilsson, a Swedish composer not associated with AMPCorp. Previews of the track have been very exciting, and GK Productions is eager to release the film. A review by Flickerbookfilmblogs called it "Gripping and original, a step up for AMP," citing improved acting, good camerawork and use of location, and a truely gripping storyline. The film is due to be released June 27th. 

In pre-production at GK Productions is a short third season of "Blackwater." Scripting is completed but a production date is uncertain. This will likely be the last season of the show, although the same thing was said last year.

✧D-Dowd Productions

Pre-production of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season VI has concluded, and was much more involved than in previous years, as D-Dowd Productions sought out feedback on the scripts before finalizing them. D-Dowd Productions hopes that season VI will be the best season yet due to its funny and thought-out storylines. Production has technically already begun; scenes with a new character played by Emily Smith were filmed in the spring, but the bulk of production will take place mid-summer and in January for a spring 2015 release.

D-Dowd Productions also compled pre-production for its replacement to "Comedic Commercials," a comical fake news show called "In the News." The show will star Charlotte Ferris and Martin Groff with appearances by Robyn Moore, and is set to be released at the end of July. Two D-Dowd short films are also in the works. The first, "People on the Street," will be a poetic, post-modern aesthetic film about human interaction, due to be released at the end of summer. The next is planned for a Halloween release and is still in early pre-production stages.

❍GK Music


Production on Beat's Myth's 2014 album "Bridge Closed" is almost complete. The first single, "Whisper (Fading in the Wind)" was released in May, and one more new song, as well as a re-recording of "Unlimited" and "Dance! ('Till the Music Stops)" are expected as singles later in the year. GK Music is also working on short LPs for Charlotte Ferris and Robyn Moore, each of which will produce one single. Depending on the timing of Otto Nilsson's composition, Charlotte Ferris may also perform the title song to "Recommendation: Termination," with vocals produced by GK Music and music track by Nilsson.

15th Anniversary Preparations

Even with all these projects going on now, AMPCorp is already thinking about 2015, a very important year corporation wide. 2015 will be AMPCorp's 15th Anniversary, and the entire year will be a celebration of the past 15 years. This will include special edition logos, revivals of classic projects in each division, a litney of special countdowns and promotions, and a major variety special. A gameshow produced by AMP Productions to be released in the fall of 2014 will kick off the celebration, with things kicking into high gear in January for the duration of 2015.