Production Begins on Philip Krieg: "Dead or Alive"

11/25/2011 16:10

     Production on "Dead or Alive," the suspenseful follow-up to the most recent, biggest Philip Krieg film yet, "Gone Rogue," has begun. The film will feature several very climactic, surprising sequences as Agent 07 battles with Lugner for his mental freedom, MI7 for his reputation, and himself to find where his loyalty truely lies.

     Production officially began at 1:30 on November 25th, 2011, with the filming of the film's 4th scene, which is entitled "Philip Attacked." This particular sequence includes some dramatic dialogue, an intense hand-to-hand fight, and a major turning point in the film. "I think the scene turned out very well," says actor Philip Krieg. "I can't wait to see it. I expect the intensity to be very high."

     Other scenes filmed on this production day include several sequences featuring Miss Pennypacker, which will offer a bit of comedic releif, but also some more dramatic dialogue. "I think it’s going to be a fantastic film, and I can’t wait to see it," says Sarah Sensinger, who plays Miss Pennypacker. "I enjoy doing it. So far each film has been better than the last and I hope we can continue our progress, surpassing our expectations with each film."

     Aside from a few sequences that will be filmed in December, production will be competed on January 1st, 2012, when the climax of the movie will be filmed, along with Agent 07's meeting with Miss Monet of the Underground Banking System.

     "I am optimistic about this film," says Martin Groff, director of the film and actor playing 17. "Although it might not offer the same big action and locations that 'Gone Rogue' featured, I think its increase in characters, and especially its focus on creating suspense, will make sure it ends up being an excellent addition to the Philip Krieg franchise."

     GK Productions has confirmed that AMPCorp's own Ben Carpenter will be on the list of new castmembers, playing 17's superior, 13. Tom Smith of Blue Diamond Productions will also have a supporting role as 42, head of the MI7 technology department. Linda Baldassano will return to her role as Miss Monet. With all main, supporting and extra actors included, the entire cast will consist of 13 people, the largest ever in a Philip Krieg film (followed by "Meeting with Destiny's" 10.)

     The film is expected to be about 25-30 minutes long, total, which is shorter than "Gone Rogue" but about the same length as the film which preceded it, "Meeting with Destiny." The script was written by Martin Groff and Philip Krieg.

     "Dead or Alive," the 17th Philip Krieg film, is scheduled for release on January 15th, 2012, exactly one year since the release of "Meeting with Destiny," and approximately 7 years since the premier of the first Philip Krieg film, "Now or Never."