Production of "A Haunting" is Complete!

11/07/2017 16:36

D-Dowd Productions has completed production of its latest Storyline Picture, "A Haunting." The last Storyline Picture to be released was "VOiCES" in 2015, but Storyline's sister group Airbrush Pictures, another D-Dowd Productions group, released "The Transcendentalist" last year. Unlike Airbrush Pictures, which focuses on experimental storytelling methods, Storyline Pictures features more conventional narratives, but with an artistic edge as well. "A Haunting" is both the most aesthetically stunning and most frightening D-Dowd Production to date, and perhaps in AMPCorp history as well.

The film follows Weston, who claims he has been visited by his dead wife -- something his psychiatrist insists is only a dream. But when imagination creeps into reality, it becomes clear that you sometimes don't even know the people you trust. Starring Martin Groff and Charlotte Ferris, with appearances by Ben Carpenter, the film features a traditional D-Dowd Productions cast, but also introduces Ashlin Groff to the screen.

The project was filmed primarily in December of 2016, and January, September, and November of 2017, largely in order to find the perfect outdoor environments for production. Some scenes are snowy, with haunting mists and candlelight; others are bright, with colorful falling leaves and shimmering sunlight. However, the entire movie maintains a mysterious, disturbing atmosphere, as insanity, lies, confusion, and reality collide.

Locations range from an icy December road to a breezy abandoned graveyard. It will be AMPCorp's final major release for the year, and despite its haunting nature, will feature aesthetics appropriate to the holiday season as well. Be on the lookout for a final trailer coming soon, and be sure to check out the final product!