Production of "Shadows of the Past" Suspended

07/12/2013 18:02

AMP Corporation regrets to announce that GK Productions’ “Shadows of the Past,” the 20th Philip Krieg movie, has been put on hold indefinitely. The producers have been unable to schedule and maintain contact with important parts of the production team, and  thus will certainly be unable to meet the announced July release date, and probably no date in 2013 either due to absences starting in August. Production is almost 1/3 complete, but cannot be completed without these key members of the production team, barring drastic changes to the script.

“Shadows of the Past” was to be the keystone of AMPCorp’s 2013 lineup, particularly that of the summer. It was also the most anticipated project of 2013 by fans, as well as the AMPCorp members themselves. The decision to hold production was a last resort, but it has become evident after due consideration that no other more desirable options are available at this time.

“Shadows of the Past” is the first Philip Krieg film to be put on hold since “Placed into Peril” in the summer of 2008. It is the first already-in-production AMPCorp project to be suspended since 2006’s “Secrets and Surprises.”

There is a very remote chance that the film could be finished in early August, but it is unlikely. In the middle of the month, Martin Groff, producer of “Shadows of the Past,” and Robyn Moore, a supporting actress, will both be out of the country for the rest of the year. It is thus impossible that production could continue at any other time until January.
Since the Philip Krieg films have been the flagship project of AMPCorp since approximately 2007, this major blow will not be allowed to prematurely end the franchise beloved by its members. If not before, production will be completed early in 2014, even if major changes have to be made to the script.

The D-Dowd Production “Three Too Many” will now act as the cornerstone release of the summer, coupled with AMP Productions’ “First in Crime” which is still scheduled to be produced in late July. AMPCorp’s fall lineup is unaffected by this announcement. In fact, most of those projects are already nearly complete. Despite this disappointment at GK Productions, the other AMPCorp divisions (D-Dowd Productions, GK Music and AMP Productions) have some very positive updates to announce. See related articles on our website.