Production of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season VI is Complete: But What Does the Future Hold?

01/06/2015 12:47

D-Dowd Productions has completed production on "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season VI, and has already begun discussing next season. Season VI's ten episodes will be released in the spring, likely starting in March, with each one about 5 minutes long. There will be no double-length specials this season. However, thanks to the feedback of viewers and extensive feedback from Matthew Wood, the scripts for this season are certainly some of the funniest, highest-quality episodes yet. 

Aside from a great deal of extra work in pre-production this season, D-Dowd Productions has revamped the rest of the show, from the look of the logo to the theme music. Producers of the sitcom are especially looking forward to special promotion of the re-vamped season, which will kick into high gear shortly after the release of GK Production's "Against All Odds." 

With the end of the Philip Krieg franchise, and AMPCorp's overall downsizing, "The Charlotte Ferris Show" has become an increasingly important part of the group's lineup. In 2010, as AMPCorp's first sitcom and online weekly series, it was largely only an experiement with an uncertain future. The show, in fact, was designed to be a very small and simple production just to keep the ailing D-Dowd Productions alive after a year with no projects in 2009. Yet within only a few years, the show totally revolutionized not only its own division, but AMPCorp overall, revitalizing short series within the group and sparking shows such as "Three Too Many" and "Blackwater," and growing into one of the biggest productions overall. Season V, in fact, was the fourth-biggest production ever at AMPCorp, with Season IV coming in fifth. Season VI is expected to approach the same levels, leaving none but the largest Agent 07 films as the show's only rivals in production size. 

Yet, despite this impressive track record and great enthusiasm for the show, its future has once again become somewhat uncertain as times change at the non-profit AMP Corporation, which, after all, is a hobby project rather than a career for all its actors and producers. AMPCorp as a whole is working on a downsizing which has gradually come into effect since the group's peak year of 2012, but will become much more drastic after 2015 and the Legacy 2015 celebration. The producers at CF Pictures continue to have interest in the show, but are aware that D-Dowd Productions members moving and focusing on their careers is setting up for the exact same scenario that ended the Philip Krieg films at GK Productions. A seventh season is already in the works, but it remains unclear whether this will be the final season of the show, or if it will continue either as-is or in the form of some sort of spin-off. The future will become more clear this spring, and by the end of season VI releases, a decision on the show's future should be announced.

With season VI, "The Charlotte Ferris Show" has become the longest-running short series in AMPCorp history, beating AMP Production's former "What a Witch" (5 season), and is the third longest-running project in AMPCorp history behind the Philip Krieg Franchise (8 years) and Beat's Myth (10 years). Season VI, revamped in style and quality, is a must-see and the gem of AMPCorp's 2015 lineup.