Production Updates for March

03/25/2013 20:46

As March nears its end, several projects are well underway at AMPCorp.

At D-Dowd Productions, production has begun on "Three Too Many" season III. The scenes with Alyssa Patches, who will be returning as Crystal to the new season, have been filmed. Some more scenes with original characters Adam (Ben Carpenter) Mark (Martin Groff) and Rebecca (Robyn Moore) must still be filmed, as well as scenes with Emily Smith, who will also be returning at Ms. Yost. The season is set to be released this summer.

GK Music has also started production on its albums for the year, including Beat's Myth's album under the working title "Out of Time," the Ampettes' second album "Something Special," and Charlotte Ferris' follow up album which is currently untitled. Likely, the Ampettes will have the first single this year, and the hope is that both Beat's Myth and Charlotte Ferris will have their 2013 debut singles done shortly thereafter.

GK Productions is in the midst of heavy pre-production for "Down to the Wire," the newest Philip Krieg film (title subject to change.) Production will continue at the end of March with hopes of being completed during the month of May. Season II of the "Blackwater" crime drama is also in production.

AMP Productions is currently in early pre-production for a sequel to "First in Justice" and a downsized third season of "The AMP Variety Show."

AMPCorp has its work cut out for it this year, as it tries to follow up its biggest year ever in 2012, amid slipping viewership on YouTube and ever-busy schedules. Nonetheless, 2013 looks to be another great year!