Production Weekend, August 3 & 4

08/07/2012 22:54

GK Music finished production on the newest Beat's Myth album this weekend, finalizing some vocal parts and recording an entirely new song. Currently there are two options for the title of the album: "It's True" and "Now is the Time," which are derived from the titles of two of the songs on the album. When editing is finished and the quality of the two potential title songs is reviewed, a final name will be chosen. Parts of music videos for each of the potential singles were filmed this weekend as well. Beat's Myth performed several songs live, including some from the new album, which were filmed for inclusion on "The AMP Variety Show" this winter.

"First in Justice," an AMP Production, had been started in July during post-production of the GK Production "Black Abyss," and was completed this weekend as well. The film fits well into the AMPCorp lineup for the year, helping to revitalize AMP Production's formerly common action identity, and KG Production's reputation for fantasy and use of special effects. It is the first project in KG Pictures since the end of the "What a Witch" series in 2010, and the first short feature film for Brian and Emily Smith since 2008's "James Crabb: Reunion." It is an action/superhero genre film, which is something AMP Productions has had before in the 2006 movie "Centureon." GK Productions also had a superhero movie in 2005 called "Superboy," but has since moved away from that genre, leaving it for AMP Productions division which has been struggling to find a strong and desirable image for years.

The original concept for the film was a simple crime drama where the main character, Robert First (played by Brian Smith) investigates a drug smuggling operation. However, this concept was nearly identitcal to a new series for the fall that GK Productions is currently working on, although this series has not yet been officially announced. Therefore, AMP Productions decided to tweak the "First in Justice" script to make it more unique, and so a superhuman power was given to Robert First: the ability to see danger in slow motion, and he was changed into a vigilante instead of a detective. "First in Justice" is about 10 minutes long, and premiers August 20th.

Many things have changed this summer since AMP Corporation's last offical update. September 1st will bring a new corporate update video which is expected to officially announce the new GK Productions series, GK Music's release schedule for the rest of the year, an upcoming D-Dowd Productions short film and the changes to "The AMP Variety Show." Make sure you tune in for this more detailed update at the end of the month!