"Recommendation: Termination" Released!

06/28/2014 13:45

"Recommendation: Termination" was released last night on AMPCorp's YouTube channel, amppro5. The producers are eagerly awaiting reviews of the film in the coming days. "Recommendation: Termination," as the replacement for the keystone Philip Krieg films this year, is an important part of AMPCorp's lineup. With more of an emphasis on suspense rather than action, but several dazzling locations and opportunities, GK Productions hopes it will live up to expectations, although a slight drop in viewership from the Philip Krieg films is expected due to the major change.

AMPCorp had focused nearly all of its promotion on "Recommendation: Termination" over the past month, hoping to garner viewership for the release. Starting early next week, focus will shift to the next big short film, D-Dowd Productions' "People on the Street." Unlike "Recommendation: Termination," which was a replacement in a long line of suspense/action/espionage projects central to AMPCorp, "People on the Street" opens up a new style of project: a postmodern, artsy style. While "Recommendation: Termination" and some other projects over the past couple years have touched on postmodern issues or used some shots and sequences of this style, "People on the Street" is the first project to emphasize this feature. The entire story is told through poetry, and utilizes more contemplative cinemetography compared to other projects at AMPCorp. With a plot focusing around the disjointed, lost nature of the world, its topic is greatly rooted in the postmodern, even compared to the plot of "Recommendation: Termination" which had a topic of ideology that stemmed basically from deconstruction. Though only a first step into the genre, it will also be an important project, and will be the focus of AMPCorp's promotion until its August release.