"Recommendation: Termination" to be Released Soon

05/18/2014 13:53

Production on GK Productions' "Recommendation: Termination" was completed Thursday, May 8th. Aside from the credit sequence and music score, the film is now finished.

On the 8th Charlotte Ferris, Robyn Moore, Martin and Peter Groff met to film in-studio scenes for the movie. Studio shots with Philip Krieg had already been completed in January, and production of on-location scenes had been in the works from September through March. On-location scenes include sequences with Martin Groff, Robyn Moore, Brian Smith, Peter Groff and Matthew Wood in ten world cities, namely London, Paris, Philadelphia, Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Vienna, Strasbourg, Prague and Amsterdam.

The film revolves around Mr. West (Philip Krieg) and his plot to manipulate world governments by delivering specially tailored information to national leaders (Matthew Wood, Brian Smith) on computer chips. He hides behind the veil of a legitimate insurance company, using his main insurance adjuster, Pratt (Martin Groff) to make deliveries of the chips. However, his secretary (Robyn Moore) becomes suspicious and begins to threaten the operation, eventually hiring a private investigator (Peter Groff) with the help of Miss Mather, a new hire at the company (Charlotte Ferris.) But things do not end they way one would suspect, calling into question the strength of ideology and human nature.

"Recommendation: Termination" will be GK Production's replacement for its Philip Krieg franchise this year, which released its 20th and final installment last September. Due mainly to increasingly difficult scheduling problems, GK Productions decided to end the Philip Krieg films and focus on new projects. Unlike the Philip Krieg films, with important precidents including specific actors, formulas and plot expectations, projects like "Recommendation: Termination" give GK Productions a clean slate allowing for feasible plots and casting, but also the freedom to experiment with new styles and storylines.

"Recommendation: Termination" is like the Philip Krieg films in that it involves suspense, espionage and an ambitious production scale, but different in its storyline, type of characters, and amount of action. While the Philip Krieg films usually centered around certain action sequences, "Recommendation: Termination" is built around suspenseful sequences like a chase through Berlin at night, and dramatic dialogue with active camera movement and GK Production's first use of a rolling tripod. Dutch angles, recurring symbolism and several plot twists are also new for this film, which has a far more post-modern flair than the more conventional, escapist Philip Krieg films. 

This will also be the first GK Productions film to have an all original sound track (the first project overall being the "Blackwater" series.) Otto Nilsson will be composing the sound track and theme song, for which Martin Groff will write lyrics that Charlotte Ferris will perform. Like the Philip Krieg films, "Recommendation: Termination" will have an elaborate credit sequence, building on the style seen previously. 

GK Productions is planning on releasing the film in June, with a precise release date to be announced shortly. "Recommendation: Termination" is sure to be a suspenseful, gripping and unique project from GK Productions, and a worthy replacement for the great Philip Krieg films which were its main project since 2005.