Release of Philip Krieg: "Against All Odds" Approaches

01/06/2015 12:31

The Philip Krieg franchise released its final film, "Shadows of the Past," in 2013, but Philip Krieg Pictures has remained active since that time, despite replacement projects such as "Recommendation: Termination" from the newly formed Eclipse Pictures. "Against All Odds," a re-edit of the first five Agent 07 films ("Now or Never," "Secrets and Surprises," "Enemy Encounters," "Renegade in Russia" and "Mysteries and Mayhem") is set for release on January 10th. This film, about 45 minutes in length, is not simply these five films spliced together, however; it is a total re-imagining of Krieg's fight against the Broakart Corporation, with new contexts and details, new special effects and footage, and all original footage totally re-edited.

"Against All Odds" changes the order of many of the original scenes as they were first released in an effort fo create a seamless storyline with a natural flow. All the lines by Agent 07's commander, Seventeen, have been re-dubbed to provide clearer and more concise contexts and backstory, and several of the rougher sequences in these early AMPCorp projects have been removed or improved for a far better viewing experience than their original releases. The new continuity of "Against All Odds" is not meant to replace the continuity of the original films, but rather to compliment it. Like the James Bond films that inspired them, the Philip Krieg franchise does not have perfect continuity, but GK Productions hopes fans will overlook this and simply enjoy the action, mystery and suspense of the new adventure.
The re-edit has been produced by Martin Groff, Philip Krieg and Peter Groff, who each had a hand in certain elements of the new project, including the choice of the title song, "Coming Back for You" by Maroon 5. The director's cut and official version of "Against All Odds" features the Eagles' "One of These Nights" in the end credits, injecting more of the classic Agent 07 feel into the movie, though it is expected YouTube will not allow this version to be uploaded with audio so adjustements will have to be made.

"Against All Odds" is coming January 10th, approximentely the 10th anniversary of the release of "Now or Never." From the humble beginnings of this film, the Agent 07 franchise would grow into perhaps the greatest project in AMPCorp history, so it is especially fitting that this re-release would coincide with AMPCorp's Legacy 2015 fifteenth anniversary celebration. Be sure to check out the release and take a look back at the films that started it all, re-visioned.