Results of the LAF Movie Awards (Update)

03/01/2012 12:19

Some problems were reported to have taken place in the counting of the LAF (League of Amateur Filmmakers) Awards of 2011. Those inconsistencies have since been repaired and a new list of awards has been released.

AMP Corporation is pleased to have retained the three awards achieved in the original list. These include:
Best Actress: Charlotte Ferris

Best Supporting Actress: Sarah Sensinger

Best Series: "The Charlotte Ferris Show"

However, we are also pleased to announced that GK Productions' biggest Philip Krieg film thus far, "Gone Rogue," managed to gain two awards after the recount, including the Best Picture category. This is pleasant news for those at GK Productions and AMP Corporation in light of all the work that was put into the "Gone Rogue" project. The two new awards, which bring AMPCorp's total to 5, are as follows:

Best Picture: "Gone Rogue"

Best Cinematography: "Gone Rogue"

AMP Corporation is pleased to have done so well in the 2011 awards. We hope that our year in 2012 will be even better, and wish the same to our fellow amateur filmmakers in the LAF. We realize that there were many worthy projects this year produced by media groups who are members of the LAF, and are confident that next year will be even better. Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who competed in the LAF Awards of 2011; best wishes in the new year! Here is a final copy of the list that was posted yesterday of all the offical winners:

Best Picture: Gone Rogue
Best Actor: Hayden Zych
Best Supporting actor: Brock Zych
Best Actress: Charlotte Ferris
Best Supporting actress: Sarah Sensinger
Best Script: Brock Zych
Best Original Score: Ryan Rust
Best Visual Effects: Shawn Phillips
Best Cinematography: Gone Rogue
Best Series: The Charlotte Ferris Show