"Safe House" Premiers June 15th

06/01/2018 09:02

From the producers of "Slides" and the Agent 07 films, "Safe House," the newest short film from GK Productions, will premier on June 15th. It is about 18 minutes in length and features several interesting and beautiful locations. The film follows two witnesses of a murder as the viewer gradually figures out who the killer was--and realizes who the next victim may be.

The suspense/action film is the first to star Philip Krieg in the main role since "Shadows of the Past" in 2013. Krieg has been featured in supporting roles and has produced and helped choreograph and direct projects at GK Productions since then, but "Safe House" features his greatest influence on screen in several years. The film also stars Peter Groff and features Martin and Ashlin Groff in supporting roles.

Although some on-location scenes were filmed earlier, "Safe House" was mostly created over one weekend in March when Martin Groff, Philip Krieg, and Peter Groff met for a getaway weekend in the mountains. The film combines methods of movie making common to the earlier Agent 07 movies and the most recent Eclipse Pictures. As with most of the Eclipse Pictures since 2014's "Recommendation: Termination," on-location shots were filmed before main studio production had commenced, and before the exact idea for the film had even been finalized. Shots in Quebec City, Montgomery, Atlanta, and Harrisburg worked off of a basic "character A chases character B" format, and the story was written around what was already shot later. Before "Placed into Peril" in 2008, most GK Productions (and AMPCorp projects) were not pre-scripted, written either as production went along or working off of a basic storyboard. This was the case for all but one scene of "Safe House." When Martin, Philip, and Peter met in the mountains in February, they plotted a basic storyline from their own ideas, available props, and based on what had been filmed in the preceding months on-location. They filmed the core scenes of "Safe House" without a script; only one scene, which ties together those sequences with on-location footage, was scripted and filmed later.

Some parts of "Safe House" therefore suffer from minor errors, but overall the producers are very proud of this project. It at once gets at the core of what AMPCorp was created for--the enjoyment of creating projects together--and combines that with new techniques, creativity, and abilities. It is also the first to feature an original score by Martin Groff, combining a modern electronic sound with a gritty World War II aesthetic.