Season Premier of "The Charlotte Ferris Show"

03/23/2016 09:39

"The Charlotte Ferris Show" seventh and final season premiered on March 19th as part of the LIF 2016 Spring Film Festival. New episodes will be released every Friday through the series finale on May 6th.

[Spoiler Alert] The first episode of season VII introduced a story arc which will extend throughout most of the episodes this season. After building a new studio across town, Charlotte is shocked and disappointed when the new building has a fire and destroys most of her photography supplies. How will she move on from this? Episode 2, "John's Stalker," will further set things into motion as the series nears its end, but in the mean time, there will be plenty of laughs, other storylines, and new characters to make sure season VII is the most spectacular and hilarious season of the show yet.

Be sure to tune in Friday for the second episode, as another major cog is added to the major story arc this season, and some other funny unrelated plotlines intertwine. This weeks episode will also introduce a new recurring character for this season, Antonio, played by Luke Richert.