"Slides" Production Complete

08/23/2017 16:22

GK Productions and Eclipse Pictures have completed production of "Slides" as of August 21st, with a few on-location shots for the archives scene.

The rest of production had been completed on August 5th, when Martin Groff, Philip Krieg, and Peter Groff, the producers of the project, were able to meet all together to film an action sequence for the movie. This is the first time since "Recommendation: Termination" in January 2014 that the three producers have been able to actually film all together on the same site. Although Martin and Peter Groff have continued to work together very closely, distance and time constraints have caused most of Krieg's work to be contributed remotely. Gunfight scenes between Peter Groff and Krieg for "In the Balance" (2015) were filmed in seperate loactions and spliced together, while only Martin Groff appeared with Philip Krieg in last year's "Means to an End."

"Slides" will be released on September 15th with a runtime of about 15 minutes. Like the successful "Means to an End" last year, the movie includes some darker noir-styled aesthetics, but it also includes more action sequences reminiscent of "In the Balance" and the Agent 07 movies, the legacy of which Eclipse Pictures continues.

Post-production is nearly complete, with only a few finishing touches left to be made. Anticipate one more trailer before the release in the middle of next month. This will be GK Production's first summer/early fall release since "Recommendation: Termination" in 2014.