Spring Production Updates

04/07/2015 11:52


Over the Easter weekend, GK Music began production on its 18th album, "Mists." This included the recording of most guitar and vocal tracks, several keyboard tracks, and the filming of music videos with promotional photos. This spring, a special triple-music-video from "Mists" will be released as a LEGACY 15 project, celebrating 15 years of AMPCorp as well as Beat's Myth's own 10th anniversary. See our "Legacy 2015" page for more updates on these special edition projects, one of which will be released by each division this year.



Pre-production for Season VII of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" is already complete, earlier than usual this year, so that production can have more flexability in the coming months. Even as Season VI is still being released, Season VII has already gone into production, with scenes including the character Trisha being filmed over the past weekend. Friday April 10th will be a major production day on the show, with the entire main cast meeting to film several key scenes from various episodes. Be on the lookout for an important announcement from the D-Dowd Productions team in the near future.

Production has also begun on D-Dowd division's LEGACY 15 contribution, "The Amazing James Crabb," which will be a comedy-action short series releasing this summer. Most of the production for this show will also be completed at D-Dowd's major production day this Friday. 


|||GK Productions

Pre-production for a currently untitled action film from GK Production's Eclipse Pictures group (maker of "Recommendation: Termination") has neared completion. Aside from a few scenes in April, major production will begin in Europe this May, and will continue at the AMPCorp studios over the summer. This film will be similar to 2014's "Recommendation: Termination" in style, but with more action and a very different plot. GK Productions has already released its LEGACY 15 project, "GK Star Trek: Echoes of Yesterday," which is availible on YouTube.


///AMP Productions

Several projects are in pre-production or early production at AMP Productions. More episodes of "Around the World in Three Minutes" are in the works for sometime later this year, and "A Cat's Life" has already started to film new material for an autumn release. AMP Production's LEGACY 15 project, a short film called "Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost-Busters" is currently in pre-production. Production should begin this spring for a fall release.