Spring Updates

04/14/2016 11:21

Aside from new releases every Friday of "The Charlotte Ferris Show," AMPCorp has also been at work behind the scenes on several projects. The first, which began production last year in Europe, is "The Transcendentalist," by D-Dowd Productions and Airbrush Pictures. Like "People on the Street" in 2014, "The Transcendentalist" will be a post-modern art film, experimenting with non-traditional storytelling methods and examining themes of the human condition. European production took place in Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Brussels, and Switzerland. These clips will be worked aesthetically and symbolically into the final edit. Main production took place in January, during the final production day of "The Charlotte Ferris Show." A few more clips will be filmed on the 16th, but aside from that, the film is nearly done and already on the editing board. "The Transcendentalist" stars Charlotte Ferris, Martin Groff, and Robyn Moore, and will premier early in the summer.

The other major project currently in production is Beat's Myth's new album, "Inverted," which began major recording on March 25th. Guitar parts and some vocals were produced, as were clips for future music videos. Production has been progressing more slowly than usual, so expect to see the first music video very late in the spring or during the summer. "Inverted" will be an experimental album; in addition to a few traditional Beat's Myth tracks, expect to hear experimentations with editing effects, various sounds, and other non-traditional audio.

The trend at AMPCorp recently has been toward more artistic or experimental projects, which generally require a smaller cast and crew and are thus easier to film as AMPCorp downsizes. Our core group of actors and producers has more responsibility and is more dispersed than in the past, so projects like these will become more frequent in the future. GK Productions' new Eclipse Picture, due by the end of the year, will be more of an art film than "In the Balance" or even "Recommendation: Termination," and AMP Productions is planning another experimental film for the fall. However, our traditional entertainment will continue in some form; GK Productions' re-edit of Agent 07 films in "Wages of Sin," and D-Dowd Productions' new sitcom are proof of this. So stay tuned -- we hope you will check out our new-style projects, as well as keep in touch with the old!