"Star to Star" - The Latest GK Music Radio Drama

01/09/2018 17:14

GK Music ventured into the genre of audio or radio dramas in 2017 with "Westerly," a spooky series of mysteries that released new 5-minute episodes weekly in October. Now, AMPCorp is kicking off 2018 with a longer version of that genre, a sci-fi project called "Star to Star." At about 17 minutes, "Star to Star" is of comparable length to AMPCorp's other divisions' short films, while "Westerly" was closer in length to the typical series episode AMPCorp produced.

The title "Star to Star" comes from a very early AMP Productions series that actually was in production before AMP Productions was officially formed. But besides the shared title and overall theme of space exploration, the similarities end there. AMP Production's "Star to Star" was a series of videos featuring a group of explorers who visited planets in a small spacecraft. GK Music's iteration is much darker and more mysterious, inspired in part by "Star Trek" and the recent film "Passengers."

The story stars when two crewmembers on the sleeper ship Valiant, which is en route to a planet which its passengers will colonize, are awakened from their hibernation pods to deal with a major malfunction. It appears the ships has hit some sort of energy field, but when the viewscreens are activated, it appears another ship is following them, and may have attacked them. Meanwhile, the crew members, played by Charlotte Ferris and Martin Groff, are faced with their own anxieties and insecurities as their plans for the future are suddenly interrupted and they are faced with a danger they don't understand. Philip Krieg also makes an appearance in the drama, voicing a third character who becomes important in the end.

"Star to Star" will premier on YouTube February 2nd, 2018. After the relatively low response to "Westerly," GK Music is hoping this new project will attract more attention to the group's new genre, but plants to continue with radio dramas no matter what the sort with a second season of "Westerly" set to start production this summer.