Summer Production Winding Down

08/06/2014 20:49

AMPCorp has been hard at work this summer with production for 2014 projects, but also with preparations for 2015.

In July, AMPCorp released "In the News," its short comedy from D-Dowd Productions following a fake news show for three episodes. A larger release is due August 8th, also from D-Dowd Productions. It is the short film "People on the Street," a new venture deep into the post modern and art film style. Though only a first step, the film, told completely through poetry, is something unique, beautiful and thought provoking. AMPCorp has been promoting the film comparatively heavily with hopes of expanding its offerings and evolving its style.

Production of "First in Action," the final film in the Robert First trilogy, was completed at the end of July. The film will be released September 1st to close off the summer. Its beach locations and boating sequences should make the project a nice way to end summer. Unfortunately production had to be rushed and somewhat compromised due to an injury and other actor availibility, thus diminishing the quality and lenght of the project. Nevertheless, there still should be some interesting special effects and a fast-paced storyline in this upcoming short film. 

After repeated attempts throughout the entire second half of the summer, a date has finally been set for "The Charlotte Ferris Show" season VI big production day. The bulk of next year's episodes will be completed August 14th, with a few episodes left over for January of 2015. The show will be released in its customary spring slot, which has been the case since season I in 2010. Season VI has been totally refreshed, with new music and carefully edited scripts to ensure the funniest lineup of episodes yet.

AMP Productions will be recording a game show with a few AMPCorp members at the end of the month. The show will be released in the fall as an early kick off  for AMPCorp's 15th Anniversary events, which will take place throughout the year in 2015. AMPCorp will wait until that time to release details about the 15th Anniversary year-long celebration, but events will include special logos, "Legacy 15" projects, and much more. Keep an eye out for more details as they come in!