"Tangents and Parallels" Premiers September 15th

09/08/2018 16:32

"Against All Odds," the first re-edited, re-imagined set of Agent 07 films, was released in January of 2015, celebrating the 10th anniversary of "Now or Never," the first Philip Krieg movie. "Against All Odds" combined the first five Agent 07 productions, the Broakart Corporation story-arc, into one feature film, complete with new special effects, a re-imagined chronology, and total re-editing from the original footage. "Wages of Sin" followed the same formula a year later, combining the SIN agency story arc (films 6-10) into one feature project as well. After a break of more than a year, Agent 07 will return again September 15th for "Tangents and Parallels," a combination of films 11-15 as Krieg faces Jerhofski and his insane taste for revenge.

The Jerhofski story-arc began in 2009 with "A Sense of Death," originally conceived as a stand-alone film, with only vague connections through the character Jerhofski to the four movies that would follow. "Fatal Error" came later that year, designed to be a grittier, darker Agent 07 film, and the story-arc really kicked off with "A Taste for Revenge" in early 2010, which was AMPCorp's first project with a new camera, ushering in an era of much higher quality film. "Evil Never Dies" followed in the summer of 2010, and remains one of AMPCorp's most ambitious projects in terms of locations, featuring an abandoned factory for many of the core scenes. "Meeting with Destiny" combined GK Productions' traditional November and January production weekends to make one longer film, with more ambitious character developments, plot complexity, and attention to detail than before. The Jerhofski story-arc introduced new actors and characters such as Miss Monet, and featured a great expansion in the comedic and serious role of Miss Pennypacker. It involved some of Agent 07's cleverest humor and darkest drama, packed in amid new locations, boat and jeep chases, big gunfights, and choreographed hand-to-hand combat.

"Tangents and Parallels" combines that all into one project, which is just under one hour long. The chronology of scenes is more faithful to the original films than "Against All Odds" and "Wages of Sin," and the project does not feature any newly-filmed footage, although some voice-dubbing is still included to tie together the project's various plots. Moresoe than the preceding re-edits, alternate takes are used in the final cut, along with some shots originally created but never used for a LIF Bond vs. Bond project. As in Krieg's previous re-edits, redundant scenes are cut or shortened wherever possible, allowing for a coherent, action-packed, dynamic finished product.

The Jerhofski story-arc is when the Agent 07 franchise most came of age, and led directly to the even more refined final five films. "Tangents and Parallels" is thus worth seeing for any Philip Krieg fan or newcomer. The title of the next re-edit will be announced at the end of the film. GK Productions has not confirmed whether it will consist of the final five movies or some other combination, but more details are coming soon.