"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Episode Order Released

02/26/2015 15:59

"The Charlotte Ferris Show" starts next week, with Season 6 premiering on March 6th! 

D-Dowd Productions put a lot of work into the sixth season of AMPCorp's current flagship series, with not only new characters and comedy, but a total refresh of the show's look. Season 6 will feature a re-recorded theme and more complex transition music, refreshed title design, better attention to post-production detail, and improved sets.

Comedy and writing has been improved this season with the addition of Matthew Wood as associate writer. Great attention was given to each script during pre-production to ensure the funniest, most entertaining season possible. Aside from the show's traditional good time comedy and all around feel, season 6 tackles some more serious issues as well, including heart disease, breakups and gender discrimination. It all adds up to funny, interesting and fresh episodes and storylines.

But of course, what hasn't changed is the show's cast of hilarous characters. Charlotte, played by Charlotte Ferris, is back as the central character, and her responsibilities as mayor and ownder of her photography studio are as stressful as ever. John (Martin Groff) is back in his role of wacky neighbor, but certainly he and Charlotte's friendship continues to develop, as it does with Caroline (Robyn Moore) who is also back for season VI, appearing in six episodes. Of course we can't forget Charlotte's bi-polar landlord Mr. Simon (Peter Groff) who certainly gives one of his best performances in the season premier, but returns for a total of three episodes this season, along with Nick (Ben Carpenter) who makes a total of four appearances, and might just be a love interest to one of the other characters...

Tom Smith is back as Will, the talkative sales representative at Denver Photo Supply, and of course Matt (Nathan Carter) will be back as the host of Charlotte's favorite show, "The National Photography Talkshow." Both characters make three appareances this season. But the big character news for season VI is Trisha, played by Emily Smith. A new character, Trisha plays John's girlfriend, whose problems are, well, always worse than everyone else's. Adding new laughs and dynamics to the sixths season, Trisha makes three appearances throughout these episodes.

The order of the episodes has been decided, and is posted below. Releases start every Friday on March 6th. See the list of episodes for titles, and also which characters will be appearing that week, including our three special guest stars for this season!


Episode 1: "Sorry We're Late" (featuring Charlotte, John, Caroline and Mr. Simon)

Episode 2: "Phony Friends" (featuring Charlotte, John, Will and Trisha)

Episode 3: "Charlotte the Shoo-In" (featuring Charlotte, John, Caroline, Mr. Simon and Nick, with special guest Joe Brusio)

Episode 4: "Speech Therapy" (featuring Charlotte, John, Will and Matt, with special guest Austin Aoyama)

Episode 5: "What are Friends For?" (featuring Charlotte, John, Caroline, Nick and Trisha, with special guest Matteo Bini)

Episode 6: "The Good Old Days" (featuring Charlotte, John and Caroline)

Episode 7: "On Hold" (featuring Charlotte, John, Nick, Will and Matt)

Episode 8: "The Waldburg Witch Hunt" (featuring Charlotte, John, Caroline, Mr. Simon and Nick)

Episode 9: "Women Drivers" (featuring Charlotte, John, Caroline and Matt)

Episode 10: "A Friend Like You" (featuring Charlotte, John and Trisha)