"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Final Season - Production Complete

01/07/2016 10:29

On Monday, January 4th, nearly six years since Season I went into production in the spring, "The Charlotte Ferris Show" filmed the final scene in its final episode from the seventh and final season.

A large portion of the show, with the full main cast, was filmed in April, with several scenes on the main set filmed in November of 2015. But the final three episodes, most of which center around the main set, star and co-star, were completed after the turn of the New Year. The final scene, with echoes of the first episode and pilot, was completed in the early evening of the 4th. "I think 'The Charlotte Ferris Show' has been a great thing in all our lives... and I'm really, really, going to miss it," producer and actress Charlotte Ferris said after production was ended, "but I think that having this chunk of time to do more things will also be a new and amazing fun thing."

D-Dowd Productions has not gone into detail about what it will focus on after its long-running central sitcom and the flagship project of AMPCorp is ended, but hints of a spinoff have been reported, and the producers have been discussing future projects within the CF Pictures subdivision, the group that produced "The Charlotte Ferris Show" since its inception. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

In the meantime, be sure to tune in to Season VII of the outgoing sitcom, as it promises to be quite exciting. "There's going to be some suspense and a little more drama than usual, as events line up to lead to our huge series finale," Martin Groff, producer and co-star, explained. "But as always, there will be plenty of comedy, and we think these are some of the best episodes in the series as far as that goes." Like the previous season, Season VII was written by Groff with input from Matthew Wood. Other contributors from outside of AMPCorp include Tom Smith, returning to his role of Will, Nathan Carter, returning as Matt, and an all new character, Antonio, played by Luke Richert.

Others in the main cast returning for Season VII are Robyn Moore as Caroline, Peter Groff as Mr. Simon, Ben Carpenter as Nick, and Emily Smith as Trisha. Madame Timasha, also played by Charlotte Ferris, will also make an appearance this season. And though the exact circumstances of the final 8 episodes of the show have not been revealed, they will evidently focus on changes in Charlotte's life, events with her photography studio, and her relationships with her friends in Waldburg.

Be on the lookout for trailers coming soon. Promotional pictures from the new season are already displayed here on our website, in the Photogallery page.