"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Nears Mid-Season Special

03/25/2013 19:43

D-Dowd Productions has been releasing new episodes of its "The Charlotte Ferris Show" sitcom every Friday. Most episodes are five minutes long, but three specials (Premier, Mid-Season and Finale) are around 10 minutes.

Season IV introduces new recurring characters, new storylines and of course, lots of laughs! The mid-season special, "Charlotte's Concern," is a particularly funny episode even though it tackles some serious issues as Charlotte deals with a major health concern.

The release has garnered a significantly lower response than last year, opposite the hopes of D-Dowd Productions and AMPCorp in general, which has seen a very significant and steady decline in views and viewer interaction since May 2012. Though viewership and comments are comparable to the second season, there is dissapointment that they have not reached season III standards, particularly after a very large promotional campaign for the new season. Season IV of the show was the largest series production in AMPCorp history, behind only GK Productions' films "Black Abyss" and "Gone Rogue" in overall production size.

Fortunatley, the show has produced the first uptick in overall AMPCorp monthly viewership since last August, though mild it is. If "The Charlotte Ferris Show" continues to hold a steady audience through the rest of the season, it could still stack up favorably against previous years, whose views tend to trail off as the weeks continue.

If you are a fan of comedy and enjoy entertainment that is as uplifting as it is interesting, tune into "The Charlotte Ferris Show" every Friday, and check out the previous weeks' episodes!