"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Reviews

02/24/2013 16:01


These reviews do contain some plot details and spoilers!!!!!

As we did for "Do or Die," we allowed some critics to take a look at certain episodes of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season IV. Here are their reviews on those episodes or what they saw in general. We want to extend our special thanks to those who reviewed the episodes!


Reviews By: Nathan Carter

Episode 1: Charlotte's Old Flame
Episode 1 is a great re-introduction to The Charlotte Ferris Show. It had many things you would find in a sitcom. I really do like the beginning scene of the photo shoot for the Christmas cards, the dialogue especially in this scene is perfect. With her being a photographer, it gives us a little reminder of her background/occupation (from doing the photo shoot).
I do admire how the show is filmed, using mainly using one shots. I myself find it rather tricky to learn lines alongside a co-star and acting a scene in one shot. So I think how Martin (John) and Charlotte act in just one shot most of the time really makes us as an audience feel we are there with them, we are not being positioned at one side of the room then cut to the other, it is as though we are standing in the room with them, which is a lovely bit of directing there.
I really enjoyed the scene at the train station in which Charlotte meets up with her ex-boyfriend on the bench. In this scene there is a lovely bit of 'slapstick' comedy and her ex moving closer and closer to her until she falls off. This reminded me of a British TV sitcom called 'Miranda', which is also set about a female and her love life. Therefore, having certain elements within the episode really makes it feel as though I know it that little bit more, it makes me feel more familiar and comfortable to watch.
The storyline is perfect. With the re-introduction to the series, it is a simple story to follow, nothing too hard to understand and it is made clear as to what is happening within the first few scenes, which gives us as an audience a clear understanding of what the episode will be about. Many online sitcoms just ramble and say joke after joke, which is why I love this sitcom, it actually has storylines to follow which are easy to understand.
Over the past series' we have seen Charlotte go out of her house and into the town she lives in. This helps us build a perspective of her life and is also very good in terms of keeping us as an audience intrigued in the episode, it is not just set in the kitchen throughout the whole episode, it moves about, going to various different places which I personally enjoy seeing, especially as I live in the United Kingdom and have never been to the United States of America, it gives me an insight as to how America looks in terms of its towns etc.
Overall, the first episode to the new series is very good. A great return to the series and very easy to follow with only there only being the 4 characters in this particular episode, which makes it seem less busy. The acting by Martin (John) and Charlotte once again is great, the personalities of both characters really do come across to the audience in a good way, we really see the bond between the two which makes it seem much more relaxed and comfortable to watch. My rating for this episode will be an 8.5/10.

Episode 3: Tuning In, Tuning Out
One thing I enjoy about this series is that Charlotte talks about photography a lot, which I can relate to because I myself am an avid photography 'geek' and love listening to conversations and talking about the subject. Therefore, whenever Charlotte talks photography or the storyline is about photography it really makes me 10x more intrigued as to the story.
The storyline in this particular episode if rather short but sweet. It is nice to have a taste of comedy entertainment daily that puts a smile on out face and these 5 minute short episodes really inject a smile to the audience. It is diversion from real life to watch something set as a comedy where the story is usually set out of real life proportion such as 2 characters getting through the show at the same time, usually this would not happen in the real world, we would have to be on hold for a good couple of minutes. However as it is the story to have both characters arguing about photography via the telephone and television, the writer really makes it that extra special, especially as it is between John and Charlotte who usually waffle/argue face to face, so to see them doing this through the TV which we know will have its own audience, it is nice to see how they argue and not know who they are arguing with (Charlotte not knowing it was John to start with), so this gives us an insight that Charlotte will argue back to anyone if she does not know them, therefore we see a little bit of her personality.
I rather liked this episode although I think that more could have been added in terms of the dialogue.
Overall, another great episode of The Charlotte Ferris Show. The acting between Charlotte and John, as per usual is great, I really enjoy seeing them both chat at each other, like a married couple. My rating for this episode will be an 8/10.

Episode 6: It's A Secret
I think this is the best episode I have seen from the series and out of the 3 episodes I got to see early before the original broadcast date of "The Charlotte Ferris Show." This is because I think it was the most realistic in terms of what everyone everywhere does everyday - tell secrets. With John disobeying Charlotte by not keeping her secret a secret it really shows how their friendship is like many others. Even though we all say we will keep a secret, often we always tell someone the secret hoping whoever we tell also keep the secret themselves and so the chain continues. This is portrayed in this particular episode of John telling someone the secret and then them telling the secret onto someone else (the TV show).
Again, this was a short and simple episode which keeps us watching. I think it was timed and paced at the right time, it was not too long which would have made it a little bit boring, it was short and enjoyable to watch.
There was great dialogue in the episode, I especially like how John addresses the objects in the room, bullying them to not tell anyone Charlotte's secret. I also like (which I laughed out loud at) the dialogue of the TV presenter how he teased to Charlotte that he knew her secret, he did not just come straight out with it, he softened it and slowly got her to realise.
Overall, another great episode of The Charlotte Ferris Show. Acting once again is spot on, the camera work especially. My rating for this episode is 9/10.


Reviews By: Jesse Downing

Episode 9: Charades
"Wait ---- how did you get Caroline from mean, ugly, horrible backstabber?" I liked this episode. It was funny and it allows for continuity (i.e. John probably won't consider dating Caroline again; Caroline + boyfriend = plotline). The only problem I saw (or heard rather) was the white background noise in Charlotte's house. It made the phone call sound a little inconsistent. I can call Caroline now. Good thing Charlotte gave us her phone number.

Episode 3: Tuning In, Tuning Out
This episode was also great. I like the new character, and I definitely like Charlotte's TV. Too bad there isn't a way to actually have it shown on the actual TV (without a whole lot of timing or frustration). When the audio was heard from the camera show, it did have a sort of echo and unusual volume to it, but it doesn't hurt anything. The ending was great; I just love how John doesn't even realize what he's saying. She'd be tortured if John had a universal remote. I wonder if her camera runs on tubes, too.

Episode 6: It's a Secret!
He had me at "And you, lamp!" I absolutely loved this episode! Kept me either laughing or on edge the whole time! I also see the TV is aligned pretty well with the video and it seems like the echoing problem was mostly gone. If possible, I recommend that the TV background be a recording rather than a still image (for some reason, it looks different even if the camera is still), but that's only if it's possible with the software. And if you have a green screening app, you could put a green cloth or paper over the screen and the video might look more plastered onto the TV (while then again it might not). Absolutely no cons with this episode!
I can't wait. This is a super season, for sure! Thanks for the opportunity, Martin!


Review By: George Ambrose, on Episode 1: "Charlotte's Old Flame"

I was very pleased to see that I was about to watch something that was around 10 minutes long instead of 5. It gave the plot a lot more room to develop and made for a new and deeper plot then usual, which I thought was great, and turned charlotte into a more believable, relatable, 3-dimensional character. The use of setting was nice and made the pacing of the episode a lot clearer and easier to watch! The only problems with the episode was some of the comical timing; this is something I personally have always found very hard to achieve, you can have the funniest script in the world but if the timing is wrong it won't be funny, which is why rehearsing scenes and acting out lines completely differently is important and allows the director to see which works best...I was very happy to see an episode with more production value!!


Lee Giat- My review of the episodes I've watched:
"Incredible acting, improved comedy, and an outstanding progression for the show! You've really entertained me this time AMP Corporation and hope to see more!"