"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season IV Starts This Friday!

02/24/2013 15:41

D-Dowd Productions is ready for the release of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season IV. Post-Production is complete, trailers and episodes are ready, and anticipation is building for what new laughs and surprises Charlotte and her friends will encounter as the sitcom continues!

A small group of critics was allowed to preview certain episodes of the show several weeks early. Their responses were very positive. "It is nice to have a taste of comedy entertainment daily that puts a smile on our face," said Nathan Carter of fanfilmsUK, "and these 5 minute short episodes really inject a smile to the audience." 

Those involved with the show are excited for the new season as well. "For this season in particular, I really think the relation of the characters were put into the spotlight," says actress Charlotte Ferris. A major theme of the season, she describes is "the value of friendship, really, and how much those relationships mean in your life, because the characters help each other through a lot of touch stuff this season. They have the usual laughs, but beneath that is the deep relationships that help you though life."

From the season premier guest starring Philip Krieg, to an episode where Charlotte thinks she is a crazy pop star, to the season finale mayor election between John and Charlotte, there are a lot of dynamics to this season. Not to mention new characters, like Matt, played by George Ambrose, who will have a recurring role in the show. And of course the characters Will, Caroline and Mr. Simon return to their roles as well.

At a meeting during the second-to-last production day of the show, D-Dowd Productions chose a slogan which will be used in ads and other related media: "For You. For Us. For Everyone." This slogan is meant to emphasize the image D-Dowd Producions is trying to portray, which is one of friendship and heartwarming that its projects express. Other AMPCorp divisions are currently working on choosing slogans and emphasizing their identities as well.

D-Dowd Productions has also approved the final order for "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season IV Episodes. Here are the titles in the order they will be released:
Charlotte’s Old Flame
Charlotte Goes Crazy
Tuning Out
Lights, Camera...Action?
Charlotte’s Concern
It’s a Secret!
So Long, Farewell
The Long-Winded Crush
The Reelection

Be sure to tune in each Friday for new laughs, surprises and more!