"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season V Episode List

03/03/2014 20:18

"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season V starts Wednesday, March 5th! Don't miss a single episode this spring through May 7th!

Here is a list of this' season's episodes:

1. “Everyone is Friendly in


(Double Length Special)

With the highway about to be diverted, the economy of Waldburg is in danger of crashing. What will mayor Charlotte do to prevent it?


2. “The Birthday Present”

Who will get Charlotte the better present when John and Caroline try to outdo each other?


3. “The Girlfriend Scam”

Will and Charlotte try to help John with his dating website, but things get a little out of hand.


4. “Star Power”

Matt thinks he is above the Waldburg play Charlotte invites him to be in.


5. “Guided Tour Gone Wrong”

Things go wrong when John meddles with the tour Nick is giving of the news station.


6. “Rent Increase”

A new tax in Waldburg gets Charlotte in trouble with Mr. Simon.


7. “Caroline the Criminal”

Charlotte has to decide how to handle Caroline after she illegally uses a company credit card.


8. “Charlotte’s Suggestion”

Charlotte tries to get Nick and John to reconcile.


9. “Bankrupt in No Time”

Charlotte is concerned John has made mistakes with her business accounting.


10. “The Waldburg International

        Talent Show”

(Double Length Special)

John organizes a talent show in Waldburg with help from Charlotte. Unfortunately hardly anyone shows up... except for one very unexpected guest!