"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season V Finishes Production

02/02/2014 15:58

Season Five of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" essentially finished production on January 31st with the completion of the last four episodes. Some short clips with one character still need to be filmed, but other than that, production is complete. The episodes will be edited and finalized over the next few weeks so releases can begin March 5th. Releases will be moving to Wednesdays as an experiment to see if the different release day changes viewership.

There will be two double-length specials this season, namely the season premier ("Everybody is Friendly in Waldburg") and the season finale ("The Waldburg International Talent Show"). In addition to the cast from last season, Ben Carpenter joins the cast as Nick, a new character introduced in the premier, and Nathan Carter takes over the role of TV host Matt, introduced last season. Linda Baldassano, Luke Richert and Lee Giat are featured as guests in three episodes. Caroline, played by Robyn Moore, will have a larger role this season as friend to Charlotte and foil to John, played by Martin Groff. Tom Smith will return as talkative Will, and Peter Groff will reprise his role of Mr. Simon, Charlotte's landlord.

Another major change this season is the multi-camera format, which was replicated with one camera in past seasons, but this season was really be done with two cameras. 

Plots this season will be quite varied. "The plots get a little more intense, sort of involving the town of Waldburg a bit more," says Charlotte Ferris. But there are also episodes that focus on other issues and even focus on character development. Matt's characterization in particular will be developed in the episode "Star Power," and Charlotte's mayoral skills will be put to the test more than once.

"Overall, season five is very promising, and we hope a lot of people will tune in," says Martin Groff. "Moreso I think than any past season, we have a large variety of plot types and dynamics on screen."

Releases begin March 5th and will continue through May 7th. Other than the double-lenghted specials, each episode is about 5 minutes long. Look for trailers and other promos in the next few weeks!