"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season VII Episode Titles Released

02/28/2016 10:12

The seventh and final season of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" will begin releasing episodes every Friday after the season premier on March 19th. Being the farewell season of AMPCorp's flagship project, this year's episodes will be big, hilarious, and even sometimes a bit dramatic, as they bring the story of the show to a close.

D-Dowd Productions has released the titles of this season's eight episodes:

1. "Charlotte's Funeral" (special)

2. "John's Stalker"

3. "Trisha's Birthday"

4. "Sabotage and Stupidity"

5. "The Relationships Episode"

6. "The Waldburg Night Club"

7. "Waiting for a Call" (clips show)

8. "Thank You for Being My Friend" (special)

The season premier and season finale will be double-length specials at 10 minutees long; the seventh episode, which has an original storyline but also includes clips from past seasons, will also be extra length. The other five episodes this season will be regular length and five minutes long.

You won't want to miss a single episode this season! In addition to some hilarious stand-alone storylines, the final season story-arc with both keep you on the edge of your seat with suspense and falling out of your chair with laughter. Remember to tune in for the season premier March 19th!