"The Growth of 'The Charlotte Ferris Show' in Season III" by Charlotte Ferris

03/01/2012 12:17

This editorial, for March 2012, was written by Charlotte Ferris. It discusses the production of “The Charlotte Ferris Show” season III, which will be released later in the month, and some of her thoughts about the series.


It has truly been amazing to see how the Charlotte Ferris Show has grown. Season 3 includes a host of new or expanded characters, more complex plotlines, and new sets to enrich the blooming show.

It continues to be incredibly fun to film, of course. One of my favorite filming moments was during the "Charlotte's Date Pt. 2" restaurant scene, where everyone truly got to go "all out" with the comical acting. Plus, the mishaps that occurred while filming were priceless.

I certainly hope that the Charlotte Ferris Show continues to grow at this astonishing rate, and of course, remains entertaining to shoot. I'm not all that worried!

-Charlotte Ferris, Executive of D-Dowd Productions