The LAF Awards Results

02/02/2012 22:12


(AMPCorp Won 3 Awards Total)

1. Best Picture: Overdose [by ZychBoyFilms] (Beat our nomination, "Gone Rogue")

2. Best Actor: Hayden Zych (for Vin in VIN) [of ZychBoyFilms] (Beat our nomination, Philip Krieg)

3. Best Supporting Actor: Brock Zych (for Brian Token in The Mysterious Islands) [of ZychBoyFilms] (Beat our nomination, Peter Groff)

4. Best Actress: Charlotte Ferris (for Charlotte in The Charlotte Ferris Show) [of D-Dowd Productions division of AMPCorp] (That's our nomination!)

5. Best Supporting Actress: Sarah Sensinger (for Miss Pennypacker in Gone Rogue) [of GK Productions division of AMPCorp] (That's our nomination!)

6. Best Script/Story: Otto Nilsson (for Blunt Dignity 2) [of ALON Productions] (Beat our nomination, "Meeting with Destiny")

7. Best Original Score: Ryan Rust (for Overdose) [of Rust Composing Studio]

8. Best Visual Effects: Shawn Phillips (for The Lost Scene) [of BluCarbon Studions division of Blue Diamond Productions]

9. Best Cinematography: Overdose [by ZychBoyFilms]

10. Best Series: The Charlotte Ferris Show [by D-Dowd Productions division of AMPCorp] (That's our nomination!)

We at AMPCorp are overall very pleased with the results of the awards, although a little disappointed with the performance of the Philip Krieg movies, which we had hoped would bring in at least one more category. Nevertheless, "Gone Rogue" won one award, and "The Charlotte Ferris Show" won two, which is a good segway into the month; in February, our big push will be in promoting season three of our award winning series, "The Charlotte Ferris Show," the biggest, most developed and hopefully the funniest set of episodes so far! Stay tuned for new trailers, interviews and more, as we come closer and closer to the season premier on March 16th.

Thank you for your support in the LAF Movie Awards of 2011. To our filmmaking peers, we want to say keep up the good work, and congratulations to the other winners as well. Thanks!