The Next Beat's Myth Single Set to Premier

07/05/2011 16:48

GK Music plans to release the second single from Beat's Myth's newest album on Sunday, July 10th. The song, entitled "I Still Care for You" is reported to be a lighthearted, upbeat song, with a music video featuring scenes from the family farm and mountains where Beat's Myth spent their Easter and recorded most of the song. The video shows the band members playing their instruments and walking through the woods.

The album "East Wind" is still under production. Throughout the month of July, recording sessions for drum parts, piano parts and vocal tracks are set to take place. All of the guitar and bass parts have already been recorded for the entire album. Though the album will hopefully be completed by the end of July, music videos will continue to be in production afterwards for singles that will still be lifted from the album.

If you haven't heard it already, check out "Treacherous," the debut single from the "East Wind" album, which is already out on YouTube at our amppro5 channel.