The Release of "Dead or Alive"

01/15/2012 23:37

Today was the release of "Dead or Alive," the newest Philip Krieg film and a follow-up to "Gone Rogue."

We at GK Productions are very happy with how the premier of the film went, and enjoyed the evening watching it along with "Gone Rogue" and discussing plans for the next film. "Black Abyss" will not be related to the previous two films in terms of storyline; instead, it will be a stand-alone film.

Incidentally, we are all very excited for "Black Abyss," which (though production is still at least 6 months away) we expect to be our biggest production yet! Tonight after watching "Dead or Alive" together for the first time, we began discussing plans for when production may take place, where, and with whom. We already have a storyline rather well planned out, and if things go as we hope, we will have an excellent 18th Philip Krieg film by the end of summer, with a big plot, lots of locations, great action, and many new faces!

Thanks to the cast and crew for making "Dead or Alive" such a great success, and to our viewers for making it so rewarding!

With the successful release of our big film to open up the year, AMPCorp will turn its attention to the LAF (League of Amature Filmmakers) Film Awards, and then to promotion of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" season III which will begin releases in March.

"Dead or Alive" was certainly a big opening to the year, but we have much more in store! We hope 2012 will be even better than 2011 at AMPCorp!