The Series Finale of "Charlotte Ferris Today"

05/03/2019 15:33
The 100th and final episode of the combined "The Charlotte Ferris Show" and its spinoff "Charlotte Ferris Today" premiered today, May 3, 2019. After ten seasons between the two shows, the final two episodes took a heartwarming look back at the series which followed Charlotte, John, and their friends through countless laughs and memories. 
Producers Martin Groff and Charlotte Ferris have expressed interest in possible future projects featuring the two characters, but no plans are currently in the works. Whether this would take the form of another spinoff or a short film has not yet been decided. For now, AMPCorp and D-Dowd Productions are taking a break from the series and its characters to reflect on their accomplishments.
"The Charlotte Ferris Show," which premiered in May 2010, was the first AMPCorp sitcom, and created a new identity for D-Dowd Productions, which at the time had started to languish. Further sitcoms including "Three Too Many," and other short comedy series like "Comedy Moments" and "In the News," and even a satirical "James Crabb" spinoff, "The Amazing James Crabb," popped up over the next decade. "Comedy Moments" continues into a new season this summer, but what will follow is not yet clear. Certainly the Charlotte Ferris based sitcoms will leave a major hole in AMPCorp's lineup, even as GK Productions revitalizes its Agent 07 franchise this summer.
Through the years, Charlotte, John, and their friends like Caroline, Will, and Mr. Simon, have grown in many ways. Charlotte's resentment for John subsided as we began to see his less silly, more sincere side, even as Charlotte herself went from a shy outsider with a dead-end job in Waldburg to a professor at Williams College. New friendships, conflics, and opportunities shaped these characters and the show that followed their lives. The series finale brings the two shows full circle, as the end also becomes a new start in their "story to remember."
It is indeed the end of an era at D-Dowd Productions, and the series finale is a bittersweet moment for the creators and fans of the show.