This Year's Easter Production Weekend

04/21/2014 10:44

Every year since 2004, Easter weekend has been an important production weekend for AMPCorp. Originally this was the time when GK Music would record Beat's Myth's entire spring album, and AMP Productions would work on episodes for "What a Witch." The latter show was cancelled in 2010, but GK Music still uses the weekend to record tracks for its yearly Beat's Myth record.

This year recording for "Bridge Closed" began, along with photoshoots and music video shots. "Bridge Closed" will be Beat's Myth's 17th album, and will likely release four singles throughout the year. The title song and lead single, "Whisper (Fading in the Wind)" is due out in May. There will be another all-new single, and also two re-recorded songs, "Unlimited" and "Dance! Dance! Dance!" later in the year. "Bridge Closed" synthesizes both old and new Beat's Myth style.

Since 2012, the Easter Production Weekend has marked the beginning of production on certain D-Dowd Production projects as well. In 2012 and 2013, scenes for the "Three Too Many" sitcom were filmed with Emily Smith, who played a recurring character on the show. After the cancellation of "Three Too Many" last year, Emily has taken on a regular role on "The Charlotte Ferris Show." Production on that show thus began very early this year, with her scenes being filmed for season VI which will be released aroud this time next year.

In the coming weeks, GK Music will continue production on its Beat's Myth album and hopefully start production on its Charlotte Ferris and Robyn Moore LPs. The main focus will be on GK Production's "Reccomendation: Termination," which is due out in June or July. Even with AMPCorp;s downsizing, it's going to be a busy year as usual, but it's off to a good start!