"Three Too Many" Season II Goes into Production

03/04/2012 22:22

Today production began on "Three Too Many" season II; production is now appoximately 50% completed. The D-Dowd Productions / Carpemoore Pictures sitcom, which began last year, went through many changes during pre-production this year to bring as many improvements as possible to the series. Aside from some new sets, one of the main things you will notice is new recurring characters.

The five episodes that were filmed today over the five hour production session were all episodes that featured one of the new characters, Crystal, played by Alyssa Patches. Patches is a new face to AMPCorp; "Three Too Many" is her first project with the media group. The whimsical, funny characer is set to add some more slapstic comedy to the show, as well as act as a foil to enhance the personalities of the original characters. Crystal appears in 6 of the 10 episodes in season II.

Another new recurring character, who appears in 3 episodes of the season, is Principal Yost, Mark's boss. Yost will be played by veteren AMPCorp actress Emily Smith, who starred as Sebrina in the 5 seasoned "What a Witch" series at AMP Productions (2004, 2007-2010). This will be Smith's first acting role in over a year; in 2011, Emily focused on her role in the band Beat's Myth in GK Music after an AMP Productions series set to star her failed to go into production. This will be Smith's first role in a sitcom, and it will also be her first role in a D-Dowd Production since "James Crabb: Reunion" in 2008.

Brian Smith, who also starred in "What a Witch" as James, and is a member of Beat's Myth, will make a couple small cameo appearences throughout the season.

The producers at Carpemoore Pictures and executives of D-Dowd Productions are very enthusiastic about this season of the show. We can't wait to bring you another, more improved, funnier and more developed season of "Three Too Many!"

Pictures will be uploaded after releases of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" season III commences on March 16th. Look for preview clips sometime after that as well!