"Three Too Many" Season II Production Nears Completion

04/02/2012 08:07

Production of "Three Too Many" season II continued April 1st with its third production day. The first day, in early March, lasted about 5 hours. The second day, in late March, was only to film one scene in a special location, and only lasted about an hour. Like the first, the third day lasted about 5 hours and finished most of the episodes that included the three original characters and one new special guest star. Alyssa Patches, whose character will now appear in nine of the ten episodes this season, will be a much more regular character than originall planned. She was worked into more episodes after the success of the first six that were filmed featuring her.

About an hour's worth of production is still needed on the show, which will include all the parts with the second new recurring character this season, Emily Smith. Smith's character will appear in four episodes of season II, all of which will be completed over the Easter weekend, thus finishing production of the season altogether.

So far the producers at Carpemoore Pictures are very excited for season II of "Three Too Many," which they expect to be much improved over season I. The new season will feature more slapstick comedy, more locations and characters, and new developments to expand the realm of the show.

Releases are expected to start in the summer, perhaps about a month after "The Charlotte Ferris Show" releases are completed.

Stay tuned for promotional pictures and ads on YouTube and AMP Corporation's facebook page.