Upcoming Releases

10/25/2014 18:03

All four divisions of AMPCorp are preparing releases for between now and the end of the year.

D-Dowd Productions will release "VOiCES," a psychological thriller short film by Storyline Pictures, on Halloween. This film, by the same makers of "Footsteps" and "Rectified," features multiple locations, an eerie plotline, and Expressionist style, with a story based on Michel Foucault's theory of the Panopticon and societal power structures. Starring Martin Groff, the film also stars Charlotte Ferris in an exceptional performance as the clairvoyant Madame Clara, and also features Ben Carpenter and Robyn Moore in supporting roles. Be sure to check Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for trailers, pictures and posters.

GK Music recently released a new single by Beat's Myth, called "Unique." Another single, Martin Groff's solo from the album "Bridge Closed," is due before the end of the month. Beat's Myth will release one final single in December. GK Music hopes to record a single with Robyn Moore for release in November.

AMP Productions will release its new series, "The Cats of North Road" in November. The series will be focused on aesthetics, with clips featuring cats in adorable situations and poetry. This series, which has been an on-again/off-again idea since the end of "What a Witch" is geared toward the audience of that series, with a very simple but pleasant structure and style.

GK Productions will end the year with "Blackwater" season III. The season has been in production since this summer, and will be only three episodes, much like season II. Production has admittedly been somewhat rushed and is not yet complete; however, season III of the series offers an interesting plot twist that will be worth tuning in for. Also, expect a big announcement from GK Productions in early November.

AMPCorp's Legacy 2015 celebration continues to move forward. In November, AMPCorp will reveal special edition logos that will be used for 2015 only. In December, expect the much anticipated release of the official Legacy 2015 trailer, a clip that attempts to sum up the 15 years of AMPCorp's story.