Updates for October 2013

10/12/2013 17:53

GK Productions

The release of the 20th and final Philip Krieg film, "Shadows of the Past" was a success. Despite reaching this major milestone, GK Productions is already in pre-production (and technically also production) of its newest project which is being filmed at locations around Europe. Although we hope to return to the Philip Krieg films someday, for awhile we will be working on some completely new projects. More details to come closer to the new year! Also, "Blackwater" season II has finished releases.

D-Dowd Productions

The newest project from D-Dowd Productions is "Comedic Commercials," a twice-a-week series of short, funny commercials that are guaranteed to make you laugh or your money back! The first commercials will be released early to whet your appetite; other releases will be Mondays and Fridays in late October and November.

AMP Productions

The final season of "The AMP Variety Show" is ready for release in December. AMP Productions is working on replacement projects for next year.

GK Music

Stay tuned for new music videos by Beat's Myth and Charlotte Ferris!