"Wages of Sin" Premiers November 25th

11/16/2016 12:10

In 2015, "Against All Odds" was released in January to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Philip Krieg/Agent 07 movies. "Now or Never" had been filmed in January of 2005, and was re-edited into "Against All Odds" along with "Secrets and Surprises" (2006), "Enemy Encounters" (2006), "Renegade in Russia" (2007) and "Mysteries and Mayhem" (2007). More than simply a re-edit, however, the five movies were re-imagined into one cohesive film. This meant some chronologies were changed (the scenes from "Enemy Encounters" appeared after the scenes from "Renegade in Russia," for example), and that some scenes were deleted, alternate takes used, and new footage shot and downgraded to match the Digital8 quality of late 2000s AMPCorp. Another major element which tied these separate plotlines together was the dubbing of Seventeen's lines by Martin Groff, which allowed for shifts not present in the original plot to be included. Overall, the producers of the original Agnet 07 movies who oversaw the project were pleased with the outcome, and announced that Philip Krieg would return in "Wages of Sin."

The title for "Wages of Sin" was first thought up by Tom Smith after he became aware of the "Against All Odds" project. Agent 07's enemy in these five films, "The Tides Have Turned" (2007), "Inside Intruder" (2008), "Unfinished Business" (2008), "Placed into Peril" (2009), and "The Man Behind the Mask" (2009), is an agency called the Secret Intelligence Nation, or SIN Agency. In the original rendering of the storyline, the agency begains to steal and break into Secret Service documents and facilities, and upon investigating, Philip Krieg finds that a former MI7 agent is behind the entire operation, seeking vengence for a suicide mission similar to one which Krieg finds himself on. Naturally, "Wages of Sin" follows this basic storyline, but like "Against All Odds," mixes things up a little bit, re-imagining the projects into an almost entirely new film. The changes are more drastic in this project compared to the last; the pre-credit sequence, for instance, merges a scene from "Inside Intruder" with one from "The Man Behind the Mask," the latter of which is thoroughly mixed in with the action of "Placed into Peril" at the end. Unlike in the original movies, where the masked enemy is only mentioned by name in the fifth film of the story-arc, "Wages of Sin" introduces him right away and seeks to keep the action more driving, and the plot more unified, than the original concept was able to.

Certainly "Wages of Sin" will be worth a look; like "Against All Odds," the length will be just under an hour, and all special effects, music/sound/visual editing, and film restoration are new. There will be one more trailer before the premier on November 25th.

About a month later, expect the release of "Means to an End," a film in the Agent 07 tradition and by the same producers, with themes of espionage but also a film noir style. The film is almost complete, waiting on one scene which will likely be filmed on November 25th, the same day as the release for "Wages of Sin." GK Productions has a lot to offer in the coming months, so be sure to stay tuned!