"What the New Year Holds" by Martin Groff

01/25/2012 18:29

The “Editorials” page on the AMPCorp website is designed to for you, our viewers, to get to know our cast and crew a little bit better, and also to give you a behind the scenes look at what goes on in AMPCorp projects.

Our goal is to have a new editorial posted on the first day of each month, by an AMPCorp member who has recently been working on or completed a project.

In a bit of a different style, our first editorial is by Martin Groff, discussing what the new year will hold.


2011 was an extremely successful year at AMPCorp. From the continuation of “The Charlotte Ferris Show,” the Philip Krieg Franchise and the Beat’s Myth band to the new “The AMP Variety Show” and “Three Too Many” series, we had a wide variety of projects that expanded the genres and style of AMPCorp.

Obviously our very first project of 2012 has already been released: the Philip Krieg film “Dead or Alive.” Aside from that, most of our January focus has been on the LAF Movie Awards, which are soon to be announced.

February will be a relatively slow month as far as releases go. We hope we will be able to release a single by the end of the month for Robyn Moore, who will be joining the GK Music record label with classical music on piano.

Our main focus for the month will be the promotion of “The Charlotte Ferris Show” season III, which will begin releases March 16th. We are extremely excited for this third season, which adds many new locations and characters to the series lineup, and we hope the best comedy in the series so far! It will certainly be worth watching!

Releases will continue through April and most of May, which will be the months we begin work on the fifteenth Beat’s Myth album. We also plan to introduce two other new acts, including Charlotte Ferris as a soloist, and another pop performing group, to GK Music.

In the spring, we will begin working on “Three Too Many” season II, which will be significantly different from season I. We hope to emphasize more character developments and distinguishments, as well as multiple new recurring characters and more comedy. Releases will begin in the summer, most likely in July.

Throughout the summer, our main focus will be on the production of two projects: “The AMP Variety Show” season II, which will be similar to the first season in structure, but shorter in amount of episodes, and “Black Abyss,” the 18th Philip Krieg movie.

“Black Abyss,” which is already significantly into pre-production, will hands down be the biggest Philip Krieg film yet, if everything goes as planned. Aside from at least 4 new actors, we hope to use several new locations, have another big action sequence as the climax, and have a well developed, stand-alone plot which will be completed in its entirety in the single film. Nothing is finalized yet, but there is a possibility that Charlotte Ferris may have a supporting actress role in the movie, along with several all-new-to-AMPCorp actors and actresses. We hope to release the film by the end of summer.

The fall will bring the release of “The AMP Variety Show” season II and a Christmas music album which will feature each artist in GK Productions. And thus will end another year at AMPCorp, 2012: which we hope will be our biggest year yet!

We are really looking forward to the new year and thank you for watching!

-Martin Groff, Executive of AMP Corporation