Winter Updates

12/08/2018 11:18

D-Dowd Productions

"Charlotte Ferris Today" Season III production is almost complete. This final season will be fully completed by mid-January. Releases will begin in March.

"The Eternal Gift," a short and heartwarming Christmas film, has been released on YouTube. It makes a great start to the holiday season!

|||GK Productions

GK Productions has announced a new project with the working title "PK21." As many have speculated, this is an all-new Agent 07 project. More details are forthcoming. 

///AMP Productions

With the November release of "A Cat's Life," AMP Productions currently has no projects in production. Expect a new season of "A Cat's Life" and "Around the World" in 2019.

❍GK Music

GK Music is currently considering 2019 projects. Likely to be announced are a new season of "Westerly" and some small musical projects.