"Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Busters" Coming Soon!

10/19/2015 22:26

"Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Busters," the final special LEGACY 15 Project of AMPCorp's 15th Anniversary Celebration, has completed post-production, and is waiting to be released on Halloween.

This film in many ways is the perfect finale to the main events of AMPCorp's 15th Anniversary. It is based loosely on the very first official AMP Production from 2000, "AMP Classics," which was a mix of three different short films, including a ghost busters segment. Unfortunately the original tape has been lost, but certain elements of the project have been reconstructed from memory.

The first of these elements is some of the music. The songs "Larger Than Life" by the Backstreet Boys and "Then the Morning Comes" by Smash Mouth were included in the original film, and accompany the end and beginning credits in the new production. Second is the setting. "AMP Classics" ghost busters segment took place in a haunted museum. "Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Busters" takes place in a haunted mansion, but one that includes museum pieces which reference the original film. Part of the movie was also filmed in the same set of the original. When the character Mike walks around the mansion inspecting the premises, he stumbles into a room with burgundy carpet, white sofas and a piano. This is where the bulk of "AMP Classics" was filmed, and though it only appears briefly, it still hearkens back to the earliest days of AMPCorp, when many projects utilized this same location. Finally, the scene where Mike knocks over a display labeled "Fragile - Do Not Touch," is also taken directly from "AMP Classics," when one of the ghost busters falls into a display with a similar sign. A mirror which was included in this original display also makes an appearance in the burgundy-carpeted room, when Mike finds it sitting on the piano and examines it.

Much has changed since this first production, and the new cast and crewmembers of AMPCorp, primary locations, and overall style, are all exhibited in "Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Busters," even as the film hearkens back to the past in celebration of the group's 15 years. A fun and lighthearted ghost film, make sure you tune in on Halloween for a few laughs, and to help AMPCorp celebrate its anniversary with one last LEGACY 15 Project.

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