Agent 07, Philip Krieg Franchise: Back with Exciting Re-Edits

Agent 07, Philip Krieg Franchise: Back with Exciting Re-Edits

In the winter of 2005, with the "James Crabb" series winding down, actor Philip Krieg was looking for a new project to utilize new computer editing software at AMPCorp. Along with Martin & Peter Groff, he created what was originally intended to be a fan-film varient of James Bond, a series of feature films collectively titled "Philip Krieg." The films followed the missions of agent 07, Philip Krieg, an agent for the secret service. Although the franchise got off to a slow start, it soon exploded into the largest project at AMPCorp. Through his adventures, Agent 07 stopped an evil organization mostly run by androids, a mysterious agency focused on stealing secret service documents, a revenge-crazed man bent on killing him, a government coup, and his own haunting shadows of the past.

Philip Krieg may be the greatest franchise AMPCorp has ever seen. For years the franchise created two to three feature films per year, all with recurring characters and connecting storylines. The franchise ended in 2013 with 20 films, after it was decided that it would be too difficult to continue. Philip Krieg films were always ambitious projects for AMPCorp, usually about 20 to 30 minutes in length, with many allusions to the James Bond films that inspired them, but also with their own unique identity. They tended to be the cornerstones of each AMPCorp lineup at that time, and for many years led the corporation in advancements and quality.

The Philip Krieg franchise, a GK Production, starred actor Philip Krieg as Agent 07 for the secret service. Martin Groff played his commander, 17, Ben Carpenter a higher commander, 13, and Sarah Sensinger played 17's secretary, Miss Pennypacker. Peter Groff traditionaly starred in the role of Agent Krieg's main enemy, with Linda Baldassano as recurring adversary Miss Monet. By the end of the franchise, the Philip Krieg films had included appearances by essentially all AMPCorp members, with the final film featuring a cast that included all of the current active AMPCorp members at the time.

In the past, Philip Krieg films introduced new special effects, editing techniques, locations, and advancements in storytelling methods that later became adopted in other areas of AMPCorp. To its end, it remained AMPCorp's flagship franchise, a status that was evident starting in 2007. Since its first film "Now Or Never" in 2005, the series grew by leaps and bounds, and it was quite amazing to see how nearly every project outdid former projects in many areas. "Gone Rogue," the summer 2011 Philip Krieg film, won "Best Picture" and "Best Cinematography" in the 2011 LAF (League of Amateur Filmmakers) Movie Awards. Sarah Sensinger won "Best Supporting Actress" for her portrayal of Miss Pennypacker in the same awards. "Black Abyss" the summer after set new precidents as AMPCorp's largest and most complex production ever, a record that was broken only the next year by the 20th Philip Krieg film, "Shadows of the Past."

It was with considerable saddness that the franchise was ended, but after its long run, it was completed appropriately with its nostalgic, yet vibrant 20th film, "Shadows of the Past." In 2015, the first re-edit from the Philip Krieg franchise was released; a re-imagining of the first five adventures called "Against All Odds." Though this film used the original footage from the first five Agent 07 adventures as its foundation, new footage, dubbing and outtakes allowed for the storyline to be totally re-imagined, resulting in almost an entirely new film in terms of fit and finish. "Wages of Sin," another similar re-edit, is currently in pre-production for a mid-2016 release. The producers have expressed their desire to return to the franchise with new projects someday, whether it be in 2 or 10 years, and we hope that sometime in some shape or form, to save the world yet again, PHILIP KRIEG WILL RETURN.