Music Acts: Mythos, Beat's Myth, Charlotte Ferris, Robyn Moore

Music Acts: Mythos, Beat's Myth, Charlotte Ferris, Robyn Moore


Mythos launched in 2020 to keep the musical creativity flowing at GK Music. Strictly, Mythos is the professional music production name for Martin Groff, but the act features other former members of Beat's Myth and other GK Music acts as much as possible. Mythos performs a variety of styles, but at its core are the electoric and new age genres. Mythos allows for an outlet for all of GK Music's acts to remain active as much as possible, with a less demanding time committment.


BEAT'S MYTH (disbanded):

Beat's Myth: The Myth of the Beat, was a band that began in 2005, founded by guitarist Brian Smith, pianist Martin Groff, and drummer Peter Groff. A few years later, Emily Smith joined the group, taking up bass parts on the keyboard. She later focused on vocals, both backing and lead. The group was formed upon the realization that the original three members, all of whom were cousins or siblings, each played instruments that could complement each other well in a band. They decided to get together to record self-written songs in the pop, rock and various other genres. 

Since that time, Beat's Myth produced 20 albums: "Drivin' Down the Highway" (2005), "Up the Mountains" (2005), "Gotta Play My Music" (2005), "Ghosts in the Attic" (2005), "Come and Worship God" (2006), "Christmas in July" (2006), "Spring is Coming" (2007), "Dance 'Till the Music Stops" (2007), "Seasons" (2008), "Unlimited" (2008), "Many Praises" (2009), "Myth of the Beat" (2009), "Shadows" (2010), "East Wind" (2011), "True" (2012), "Run out of Time" (2013), "Bridge Closed" (2014), "Mists" (2015), "Inverted" (2016) and its last album, "Mirror" (2017).

Starting a couple years after the first album was cut, Beat's Myth began creating music videos for their best songs. These music videos were released as singles on YouTube to display the band's work.

Over the years, Beat's Myth, within its production division of AMPCorp, GK Music, improved its music quality drastically. The band recorded its first albums on a tape recorder, but since moved to computer recording, and now records each part seperately to be mixed later. The group also contributed several songs to various AMPCorp series, and contributed to the corporation by blazing new trails in a different type of media, thereby diversifying the group. Beat's Myth disbanded in 2017 as it became clear that new albums would be difficult to regularly produce. Upon availability, the group's former members continue to contribute to Mythos, a new act, and reunited in 2020 for a song celebrating their 15th anniversary which launched Mythos's first album.



Charlotte Ferris began her musical projects at GK Music in 2012, expanding from acting into singing as well. Charlotte recorded an album entitled "Something Good in Store," which included a mix of various styles of original songs and covers of previous Beat's Myth tunes with her own spin. Her follow-up album, "Charlotte Ferris" (2013) was a great success by GK Music's quality standards, and has solidified Ferris as a main act at GK Music, and the premier artist of the Rikkel Records subdivision. Ferris released an EP with one single in 2014, called "Every Moment."



For 2012, GK Music began to release new music acts to its portfolio, starting with Robyn Moore. Moore is a talented pianist, whose performances on "The AMP Variety Show" the year before were well received. Her first album, "The Mrs. Beethoven," honored the work of Beethoven, one of her favorite composers. Moore recorded an EP, "How Great Thou Art and Other Hymns," in 2015.


THE AMPETTES (disbanded):

In the summer of 2012, spurred by Martin Groff, the Ampettes singing group was formed of Robyn Moore, Alyssa Patches and Charlotte Ferris. With Charlotte as a soprano and Robyn and Alyssa as altos, the group sings their own original numbers as well as modified versions of GK Music songs. Modeled after the girl groups of the 1960's, the Ampettes have an old-fashioned style of music, choreography and even their own matching outfits. They recorded their debut album "Meet the Ampettes!" in 2012, followed up by "Something Special" in 2013. Due to coordination difficulties and a simplifying in GK Music's lineup, "The Ampettes" disbanded at the end of 2013.