Other Divisions


Secondary divisions at AMPCorp are groups that produce media generally not released to the public, but used only within AMPCorp itself. There are three divisions currently considered secondary at AMPCorp:

Groff Brothers Productions: Groff Brothers Productions was created in 2004, and makes family documentaries for those who are involved at AMPCorp.

MARTIN Software: This group, started in 2002, creates templates that are used in the creation of AMPCorp projects, such as the DVD/CD case template used in publishing all AMPCorp primary projects. It also has created some basic games, some related to AMPCorp primary franchises.

MARTIN Publishing: Also created around 2002, this division publishes documents for AMPCorp, including printed updates and records/graphs. The group has also published several short stories and books on a small scale. MARTIN Publishing division manages the AMPCorp website.



Defunct Divisions were once active divisions at AMPCorp that have since been completely discontinued. While some of these brands were always small and minor, two were once major leaders in the corporation as a whole.

NS Productions: Started in 2000, NS Productions had the largest output of all AMPCorp divisions before the introduction of "James Crabb" in 2003. NS Productions was the first group to have a sustained, multi-season series (an educational/variety show), called "The Fair," one of the highest quality early projects at AMPCorp. However, in most other realms, NS Productions had notoriously low quality and outdated ideas. Though it was the most powerful group before 2003, "James Crabb" being given to D-Dowd Productions was its ultimate downfall. "James Crabb" projects transitioned to far higher computer-edited projects that started in late 2004, and NS Productions' low quality reputation ended up gaining it only one film between 2004 and 2009, the year it was finally retired. 2010 was the first year in AMPCorp history that no marque held the NS name, but with the production of the first variety show since 2003 at AMP Productions in 2011, the name was resurrected as a subdivision of AMP Productions, now called NS Pictures. NS Pictures now focuses on Variety Show and related genres, since NS Productions was the original divison to specialize in this in the past. 

Hanoverdale Productions: Like NS Productions, Hanoverdale Productions was once one of the most powerful divisions at AMPCorp. Though it never had an extremly high output, between its creation in 2004 and the year 2007, Hanoverdale Productions created the highest quality projects in AMPCorp. Its films followed inspirational Christian themes, and generally included large casts, a variety of settings and careful production techniques. However, starting in 2008, ambition began to die down, and for several years Hanoverdale Productions only existed on the restoration of previously unrealeased small projects. By 2010, the group became entirely inactive. It will be officially phased out by the end of 2011.

Schoolhouse Cinema Productions: Created in 2004, this group focused on the production of educational films. It maintained relatively steady production throughout its lifetime, but in an effort to simplify and enhance AMPCorp in 2009, the outdated division was absorbed into AMP Productions as a subdivision.

LOVE Productions: This is the only group in AMPCorp that never created any projects. It was created in 2000 and had several planned comedy projects, but none of them ever made it to the point of production. It was included in the AMPCorp lineup until 2003, when it was more or less consolidated with SH Productions into the modern day D-Dowd Productions.

SH Productions: This group split off from NS Productions during the year 2000. Early in its life, it created several projects, and in 2003, the "James Crabb" series was for a time planned to be a part of SH Productions. Instead, due to the size of the project, D-Dowd Productions was created, and SH Productions was discontinued, though its genre was essentially merged into the new division.